How to Know if Your iPad Has Been Backed Up

You may be wondering if your iPad has been backed up recently. For your iPad, you can either make backups using iCloud or your computer. Also, some of your apps might be using other cloud services to store your data. For example, email, such as Gmail or Exchange, will already be backed up to their … Read more

What Does No SIM Restrictions Mean?

On your iPhone or iPad, you can check to see if your device is carrier-locked or not by going to Settings > General > About. If your iPhone is not locked to a carrier, you will see a message saying, “No SIM restrictions,” next to Carrier Lock; see the image below. You may wonder what … Read more

How to Unlink or Stop Syncing iPad and iPhone

When someone says they want to unlink or stop syncing their iPad and iPhone, they may have a few different things in mind. You may wish to do one or more of the following: Stop syncing photos Stop syncing text messages Stop syncing emails Stop getting phone calls on iPad Completely disconnect your iPad and … Read more

5 Handy iPad Gestures You May Not Know

There are many different gestures you can perform on an iPad. Some are definitely basic and would only be new for novice iPad users; others are pretty specialized and not necessarily useful to every user. There are, however, a few gestures that not everyone knows but that are really quite useful. Even though I have … Read more

How to Turn Off iPad Left Behind Notification

You may be getting left behind notifications for one or more of your devices. For many people, they receive this notification for an iPad. After all, most people keep their iPhones with them; but iPads are often left behind somewhere. Usually, when you leave your iPad behind, it is intentional; you may leave your iPad … Read more

How to ‘Right-Click’ on an iPad

Many iPad user wonder how they can right-click on an iPad. After all, there are many functions available on a Mac or PC that can be accessed by right-clicking on something. On a Mac, this is sometimes done with a Control–Click as Mac’s Magic Mice don’t come with a right-side button. In this article, we … Read more