How to Open Multiple Safari Windows on iPad

You may already know that you can use Safari, and many other apps, in Split Screen (Apple calls it Split View) on iPad. As an iPad Safari user, you also surely know about opening new tabs in the same Safari window. However, if you are like me, you may like to have many things open … Read more

iPhone / iPad Popup Says Unable to Download Item, Fix

Several users have said that a popup saying “Unable to Download Item, please try again later” keeps appearing on the iPhone or iPad. The error message also contains “Done” and “Retry” button options. It appears that this message appears randomly and, many times, repeatedly. You can see the error screen below: The message indicates that … Read more

How to Check if a Used iPad is Stolen

Stolen iPad

Are you looking to buy a used iPad? This article will explain how you can tell if the device is stolen. Several users may consider buying a second-hand iPad model at a more affordable price than buying a new one. But this can also be risky. It is very essential for you to exercise some … Read more

iPad Says Location Cannot Be Determined, Fix

Some users have said that they see a popup message saying “Current location not available, your current location cannot be determined at this time” when they want to use Location Services. This error message indicates that Location Services on your iPad is not working and it is important to fix this issue because some apps … Read more

Messages not Updating on iPad

Many people own more than one Apple device. For Apple users that have more than one device, such as an iPhone and an iPad, they can take advantage of what Apple calls its Continuity features. These features are separate from the iCloud features, which also provide an excellent way to seamlessly access the same files … Read more