How to Reset Firefox on Mac


This article explains how you can reset Firefox on your Mac to its default factory settings. You may want to do this if you are having problems with Firefox on your Mac. A lot of Mac users use Mozilla Firefox to browse the web. You can restore your browser settings in Firefox at any time. … Read more

How to Type a Squared Symbol on your Mac

Type Squared Symbols

This article will explain how you can type a squared symbol (2) on your Mac. The square number, also called ‘a number squared’, is a number multiplied by itself. A lot of Mac users, especially students, may want to enter the symbol because it is commonly used in education. “Squared” is often written as a … Read more

Word File Permission Error on Mac, How to Fix

File Permission Error

Several users have said that they receive the following file permission error when using Microsoft Word on their Mac. The error message says “word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error.” More specifically, users have complained that they run into this problem when they want to save a word document to a … Read more