QuickTime Says Recording Stopped, How to Fix

Some users have complained that the QuickTime recording stops randomly and unexpectedly for no apparent reason. You can use QuickTime to record movies and videos. You can also make a video recording of your Mac screen. I frequently use QuickTime. It is a very useful Mac app. This error will prevent you from saving your … Read more

How to Reset Bluetooth in macOS Monterey

With macOS Monterey, Apple removed the resetting the Bluetooth Module option. This option offered a good fix to address various Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac. I frequently used it before updating to Monterey. This was a hidden option. If you are running Big Sur or earlier, you can still use it. You can open … Read more

Safari is Crashing on macOS Monterey, Fix

Some users have said that Safari crashes unexpectedly and won’t start on macOS Monterey. Apple has recently launched its latest macOS version. I think that a bug in the update is crashing the Safari browser. If you have been facing similar issues, then do not worry, this article is for you. This article explains how … Read more

Command Not Found Error When Creating Bootable Installer for macOS, Fix

You may want to create a bootable installer drive for macOS. You may sometimes run into a command line error message saying “command not found” in Terminal while trying to follow the steps necessary to create a bootable installer of the Mac operating system, macOS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, … Read more

PowerBeats Pro Keeps Shutting Off, How to Fix

Does your PowerBeats Pro keep shutting off randomly? And does this even occur even though the Beats have more than 55-80% battery? It appears that a common issue that some people often experience is the device repeatedly and randomly shutting off unintended. This can be a result of a low battery. But users have said … Read more

The Package “%@” is Missing or Invalid, Fix

Several users have said that they see an error message saying “the package “%@” is missing or invalid. An error occurred while installing the selected updates” while attempting to upgrade to macOS Monterey. You can see the screenshot of the message below: This error message appears after the update is downloaded while your Mac is … Read more