Huawei Is Trying To TradeMark “Honor Flypods” And Apple Doesn’t Like It

So Huawei wants to trademark “Honor Flypods”. Huawei applied for a European trademark on the word “Honor Flypods”. Huawei submitted its application with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Huawei submitted this electronically.Flypods

Huawei is the parent company of the Honor brand which carbon copies of Apple’s AirPods. Honor’s copy product is called Flypods.

Huawei submitted this application on 09/21/2018. And Apple submitted a notice of opposition on 09/30/2019. Apple submitted its apposition electronically.

Apple claims that Huawei’s trademark application includes the likelihood of association with its earlier trademarks‘: AirPods and EarPods.

Interestingly, Apple submitted multiple applications to trademark the word “FlyPods” in Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, France, and Sweeden. Apple’s Mexican trademark application submitted on 07/02/2019 and Apple’s Turkish application date is 08/15/2019. And two days earlier, Apple submitted its Thailand, France, Sweeden and Indonesia trademark applications on 08/13/2019. All of these are still pending.

Turkish Trademark

Thailand Application

Mexico trademark




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