Find & Replace Not Working in Pages on Mac

Several users have reported issues with the Find and Replace feature in the Pages app on the Mac. Users have said the feature is not working as expected. These problems are reported by our uses: The “Find” and “Find & Replace” do not find text such as words, numbers, phrases etc, even when content you … Read more

Pages: Can’t Open Document, Fix

This article explains what you can do when a Pages document won’t open. A lot of macOS and iOS users use Pages on a daily basis. However, occasionally, Pages may refuse to open your files. You may see an error message something like this: “macreports.pages” can’t be opened right now. Pages couldn’t read the file. … Read more

Easiest Way To Open / Edit a .Pages File On a Windows PC

Do you want to open and/or edit .pages files on your Microsoft Windows computer? Apple’s Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create beautiful documents. Basically, you can use Pages at is Apple’s official web site where some of the iCloud features are available from a web browser. This article explains how … Read more

Apple .Pages File Extension – Everything You Need To Know

If you aren’t familiar with Apple products, it can be difficult to fully understand what you’re looking at when you see an unusual file extension. One of these unusual files might end with the .pages extension. When you see a file with a .pages extension, that means the file is formatted to be edited by … Read more