How to Find Word Count in Pages on Mac, iPhone, iPad and

In this short article, I explain how you can find and view an accurate count of the number of words in Pages on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or on on your computer.

You may need to know how many words are in your documents. For example, School assignments usually carry length requirements, meaning a maximum word-limit is usually specified.

You can also view the number of characters, pages, paragraphs, and other information in your Pages document.

Pages is a word processor developed by Apple. Word count is defined as the number of words contained within the text.

Pages on word count

You can create and edit Pages documents online on your Mac or PC by using Pages for iCloud.

1. Open or create a Pages document by going to You will need to sign in. Please note that anyone can use Pages on You will only need an Apple ID. You do not need to own an Apple device, you will only need an Apple ID.

2. Open your document and create a new one. Then click the View button. View button

3. And click Show Word Count.

Show Word Count

4. A counter at the bottom of the page will appear. You can also hide this counter by going to View and Hide Word Count.

Word counter

5. Click the arrow icon to see more statistics, including character with or without spaces, word, paragraph and page counts.

Pages on Mac word count

1. Open the document. Click View and then click Show Word Count to display the word counter.

2. Again you can click the arrow icon to view more statistics.

More statistics and counts

Pages on iPad word count

1. Open Pages and open your document or create a new document.

2. Tap the View icon.

iPad View button

3. And then turn on Word Count.

Turn on Word Count

4. The counter will be displayed. If you want to see more statistics, tap the counter.

More statistics

Pages on iPhone word count

1. Open the document on your iPhone. Tap the more (…) three-dot icon.

Pages more icon

2. More options window will be displayed. Turn on Word Count. Then tap Done.

Pages word count on iPhone

3. The counter will appear at the bottom of your screen. If you tap it, you can see more statistics.

More statistics

Other details

  • If you select some text, the word counter will show word count and other statistics for the selected part. If you do not select anything, Pages will count all text.
  • The counter will show at the bottom of the screen. You can move it anywhere by dragging it.

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