Preview Not Working on Mac, Fix

Several users have said that Preview is not working as expected. This article will help you if Preview: is not responding or seems frozen. is not opening or refuses to load files. is crashing unexpectedly. is not saving changes. is not converting image files. is not showing thumbnail previews. Likewise, you may see error messages … Read more

How to Remove a Background from an Image on Mac

This article explains how you can remove a background from a picture using Preview on your Mac. There can be various reasons why you may want to remove the background. For example, you may want to delete distracting details. Or you can remove the background and replace it with a solid color. First, please note that … Read more

How To Set Default Application For PDFs In macOS

This article explains how you can set different applications to open PDF files on your Mac. Your Mac has a built-in PDF reader to open and render all of your PDFs on your Mac. This default application is called Preview. Following the instructions below, you can easily set your preferred application (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) … Read more

Preview: The File Couldn’t Be Opened, Fix

Yesterday I had this problem while using my Mac. The Preview app stopped working suddenly. When I tried to open photos or PDF files, the file did not open and I was getting the same message saying “The file “macReports” couldn’t be opened. Preview on Mac is the default image and PDF viewer app that … Read more