Huawei Is Trying To TradeMark “Honor Flypods” And Apple Doesn’t Like It

So Huawei wants to trademark “Honor Flypods”. Huawei applied for a European trademark on the word “Honor Flypods”. Huawei submitted its application with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Huawei submitted this electronically. Huawei is the parent company of the Honor brand which carbon copies of Apple’s AirPods. Honor’s copy product is called Flypods. Huawei … Read more

How to Contact Apple Online Live Chat Support Team

If you need help, Apple provides support for its products and services in many ways. One of them is live chat support. Live chat allows you to use instant / live (real-time) messaging to contact Apple’s support team via its website. Apple’s live chat offers faster response times, much faster than emails. In fact, a lot of … Read more

Turkey & Russia Want to Unlock iPhone of Russian Ambassador’s Killer (Updated)

On December 19, Andrei Karlov, the ambassador to Turkey, was killed in Ankara by an off-duty police officer in a terrorist attack, as the ambassador gave a speech at an art gallery in Ankara. The killer bypassed the security checks by showing his police ID, pretending that he was Karlov’s official bodyguard . The shooter was killed by Turkish special … Read more

White House Petition To Stop FBI Court Order

Apple fans are calling for halting “efforts that compel Apple and other device makers to create a “backdoor” for the Government to access citizens data”. This petition has been launched at the White House. It addresses President Barack Obama. The petition says: The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security … Read more

Apple Has Sold More Than 1.5 Billion iDevices

Apple has crossed a major milestone. Apple has sold a little more that 1,5 billion units of iPhone, iPad and iPod combined since the release of the iPhone in 2007 . Specifically, Apple sold: 896,548,000 iPhone 308,150,000 iPad 297,828,000 iPod Total: 1,502,526,000 devices This is significant. This is like 3 out of 10 persons in the world … Read more

Apple Patent Details Voice ID Authentication Feature

Apple’s new patent “Device access using voice authentication” describes a novel mechanism for unlocking a locked device through a voice authentication process. Apple’s Touch ID feature makes it very easy for users to get into their device. Think of this patent as a vocal fingerprint, Voice ID. Instead of using your fingerprint as a passcode, this new technology will let … Read more

Apple Urges FCC To Recognize Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Apple’s recent filling with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows that the company is urging the FCC should “recognize solutions such as the MFi hearing aid platform as alternatives for hearing aid compatibility compliance”. The FCC file shows that Apple argues that iPhone complies with FCC’s current HAC rules,  and MFI should be recognized as an alternative for hearing aid … Read more