iOS10 Message Alerts Not Working? Fix

Several iPad and iPhone users have reported that they are experiencing SMS and iMessage notification problems after upgrading their devices to iOS 10. It seems that several users are affected by this problem.

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When you receive a new message, your iPhone or iPad can alert you with an sound alert, an on-screen alert, or a vibration alert.  You can customize your device (like sounds and vibration patterns) so that you can get notifications for new text messages.

If your sound and vibration alerts are not working properly, no notification sound/vibration with incoming texts, here is how you can troubleshoot:


Please try each until your issue is fixed:

  1. We previously explained iPhone / iPad Text Sound Notifications issues. Please try those tips.
  2. Go to Settings > Messages and Send&Receive. If your email address is selected please unselect. Only select your phone number.
  3. Settings > Notifications > Messages > and Turn off “Show in Notification Center”
  4. Make sure that Do Now Disturb is disabled. You can check this by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb.
  5. Make sure that the Mute switch (on the side of your iPhone and iPad) is not on.
  6. Force restart your device by pressing and holding the home and on/off buttons together until you see the Apple logo.
  7. Tap Settings > Notifications and Messages. Turn off “Allow Notifications”. Then restart your device. Now turn back on “Allow Notifications”.
  8. Go to Settings > Sound and check to see whether “Ringer and Alerts” is muted. If it is muted, make sure you slide the volume up.

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  1. i turned on accessibility and turned sound recognition for many alarms like fire alarms and so. Apple gives me silent notification that way i dont wake up if there is an alarm or even if i get text messages. any way to fix this serious issue


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