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  1. brilliant. a quick but firm push on the volume up and then separately volume down then separately holding the side power button for a while (i would say a minute, so dont give up hope. just keep it pressed in). thanks for the fix!

  2. I have an iPhone 7s and it’s been stuck for hours holding down the bottom volume button and the side button didn’t work

  3. It worked iPhone 5S power and home button got me back to the Apple screen. Now I will go and update my thank you very much.

  4. I tried the various suggestions and finally decided to let the battery die. I was then able to charge my phone and it worked normally.

  5. This is a new phone, so I can’t do recovery mode because I would have to put in my passcode to allow the computer to have access. The first option isn’t working, and I’ve tried so many times. Can anyone help???

  6. Update: IPhone 8’s fix is clicking up volume, clicking down volume, then holding power button until phone comes back on.

    I learned this by calling 1-800-myiphone and they taught me the new reset for iPhone 8’s and up.

    Sincerely, someone who’s phone finally came back on after 36 hours of black screen with white loading symbol.

  7. Thanks. It works just by pressing the sleep + vol down button (Force Restart).

    I’m about to go to the far-away service center.

    Thanks again

  8. i have a iphone 8 and i got the spinning wheel but i can feel that its on because i still get vibrations to notify me that i got sum messgages. I dont know how to fix this at all i tried holding down the power n bottom volume but its still their its been their for 6 hours already

  9. I made my phone pop up the iTunes connect screen and connected it to my computer, updated it, and it works now. Make sure your phone is properly updated because mine was behind by 4 IOS updates. It also hadn’t been backed up in over 2 months. Back up and update your phone ASAP. Hope this helps…….

  10. I am at the screen where it says to connect to itunes. I have launched itunes but it requires a verification code. The only way I can get my verification code is through my phone which is not working right now. I now live in Naples Italy and there isn’t an apple store anywhere near where I live.

  11. My iPhone 6s has been on spin mode for the past 5 hours, I don’t know why. I do have the latest update so this shouldn’t be happening. I’ve tried everything and nothing works.

    1. My phones an 8, this happens to me all the time and I press volume up quickly, then volume down quickly and I hold the power button (only the power button) until it goes black. Then I just turn it back on. Works every time.

  12. I believe this problem is actually a way to force you to update.

    This is what happened to me. I have Automatic Updates turned off. There were major battery issues with iOS 11, so I would like to stay with iOS 11.1. However, this is no longer being signed by apple.

    Now iOS 11.2 & 11.2.1 are available. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the “Software Update” just to see what the latest version was so I could check online. It said 11.2.1, then I exited to the homescreen.

    Now I have the recurring black screen + spinning wheel every 30 seconds. And my phone gets *really* hot, with no apps going, and in airplane mode! I have turned off/ restarted several times, but same things keeps happening.

    Guess I have to update. There seems to be no other choice.

  13. I’m updated to the latest update yet my phone has been freezing and now has done this. The trick worked but why does this do that? I thought I was getting hacked I have the I phone 7 plus why is it doing this? Do I need to just end up restoring my phone it has been freezing on me for 3 days now. I’m just confused :/

  14. Now I’m trying to update my phone and keeps taking it to the black screen and its keeps loading and turns to my passcode but it doesn’t want to restart any help?

  15. anyone please help.. my 2-year old Iphone 6, is on black screen with spinning wheel and then goes back to the HOME button for like every 1 minute…. =(

  16. I have a similar issue but my iPhone 7 plus keeps restarting itself!!
    I just get a back screen with the spinning wheel on it, then I get asked for the password, this happens every 25 seconds!!
    tried the different reset options, didn’t work!

    1. same goes here. this happened every 1 minute and asked for a password. What should I do? tried to force restart. but didn’t work for my iPhone 7 plus. I only see the recovery mode screen..and nothing happens. Not received any alert message from iTunes.

      Help me…

  17. Thank you!!! This happens today with both iphone x and iphone 6s – they rolled an update this morning. You’re the bomb.

  18. will i wait for the back up to be successful before connecting it to the internet?.. it keeps going on the black screen with loading icon. it takes time to complete it

  19. I still have this problem on my iphone SE! Tried this fix, updated my phone to iOS 11.1.2 but it didn’t work. After 1 minute or so the iPhone screen goes black and the wheel start spinning. 🙁
    Started sudenly. I used the phone all day long and at night this problem happened.

  20. Thank goodness my phone got stuck on the black screen with the circuit and I got really scared because I had a business meeting in 1 hour. Thanks this helped a lot.

  21. It took 4 tries but I finally got it. First I had to update itunes, my old laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet. Annoying. 3 times I thought it was being restored but and the end it said it couldn’t detect the device. The 4th time it worked, thank god. Not the time for my phone to die with a very ill sister. Thank you for the advice

  22. It got me back into my phone but the News app is still frozen and checking on it meant I had to do the reset procedure again.

  23. Forced restart worked on my iPhone 6s. Thank you.
    It is very odd the timing of the malfunction since the only app running was apple music.

  24. My sleep/power off button is broken, my iPhone 5 froze out of nowhere when I was closing multiple apps and then after about 1 minute it glitched into the black ‘spinning wheel’ screen and has been for about 3 hours. I’ve tried all of the above fixes but due to my broken sleep/power button none have been successful someone please help. Should I let my battery die? Or is there any alternative fixes?

  25. OMG This just saved my life! I thought my phone was a broken!
    First step worked for me on my Iphone 5
    (Force restart with the home and lock key buttons)

  26. Thank you. Step 4 did the trick for me (I have a 5C) and this was the first time I’d seen the ‘spinning wheel’.

  27. MAN !! thx for this great info, my iPhone 7 plus got stuck showing the spinning wheel for almost 7 hrs, this solved it, many thanks !

  28. thanks so much!!! This troubleshooting solved my problem, especially step 4 (the first item). thumbs up!

  29. I am having this problem only my home button doesn’t work…what do it do? tried every combo of trying to force restart it. Also when i plug my phone in iTunes comes up but then tells me to allow the computer access i have to click it on my phone, which i clearly can not do.. any suggestions ?

    1. Wait till your phone btry finish , and then recharge back your phone . And it will be like normal .

  30. Oh my god thank you! I was playing on my phone and watching random videos, (as I do), and all of a sudden the screen froze the picture on it. And after a minute or so it just went totally black with a loading sign rotating in a circle on it. So I just figured I would play on another device until it went back to normal but it never went back. After 30 minutes of staring at my phone and sending it messages and trying to turn it off nothing was working. Thank god for this info! I just did the force restart and now everything is back to normal!

  31. Thanks for the fix for my 6 Plus. Totally came out of the blue with the spinning wheel thing. There
    was a total freeze first while I was checking emails. I went to my desk computer and just entered on google search engine “IPhone 6 Plus with the black screen and white spinning thing” and first entry was this site. Pressed and held the buttons and the white Apple appeared. Then pressing the buttons again and the “enter password page” appeared. Entered the password and I was back in business. Total time from search to normal was about 5 minutes.

  32. I’m helpless with out my husbands help with my tech issues. He was busy and I found this site and just followed your step for forced start for IPhone 6. Worked within a few minutes. Still haven’t tried doing the update through ITunes, I will be forced to if problem reoccurs.

  33. Thank you! This really did work, as others noted, once I calmed down long enough to read the instructions fully. Again, many thanks for the help!

  34. Perfection!!!! Thank you! I use my phone for personal and work, my work involves emergency response and my 6s was down for over a half hour! This was perfect once I calmed down long enough to read and follow instructions! Thanks so much!!!!

  35. Power and home was the solution on my 6
    Thanks for getting the phone working again…….but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I was just getting an app from the App Store when the problem occurred

  36. Thank you so much!!!!!! I just got my phone for my birthday and i thought i did something wrong. This worked really fast for me. Although i have no idea why it did that.

  37. 6s black screen with spinning wheel suddenly while reading news article. Recommended solution worked. Thanks for the help!,

  38. I had tried the reset combination with power and home multiple times. No go.

    Force restart didn’t work as well.

    Thankfully, I stumbled into this post and tried the “recovery mode” option. It took about 30 minutes for the whole restore, but thankfully, it worked after that. I’m good to go!!!

    Thanks for this post!!

  39. So my iPhone 6 Plus does the black screen and spinning wheel for a few seconds randomly when I’m using it. Then it returns to the home screen. Thoughts?

    1. Mine does the same, it’s completely random. It’s fine and then all of the sudden, it goes black with that spinning wheel.

      1. Did you find a solution? Mine did the same. And at one point, this happened while I closed the messages app, when it started again all my messages have disappeared and now I don’t receive any new messages. But my storage shows I have 1.5 GB of messages stored.

  40. This has happened on my iPad and has been like it all day. My home button doesn’t work and hasn’t for about a year so can’t restart. What do I do?

    1. Go to iTunes on a computer you have connected to with a cable. You should find info in here about this from that point

  41. Absolutely nothing works.The iphone 6 was replacement from apple,never used,just sitting in my closet,i needed it few days ago and then i charged it and never was able to see normal screen again,just the apple logo and spinning wheel for few seconds.Or it goes to “connect to itunes” and then nothing happens,it does want to update,goes back to apple logo and the spinning wheel.
    Apple is crap

  42. Nothing is working! First my phone was on and the screen was black and now the screen has the spinning wheel and everything i have tried has failed and im getting really annoyed because i have only has this phone for a couple weeks and i have just received some important msgs that i am unable to view

  43. If you have a password then why does it say put i9n the password knowing you can’t use the phone. Any answers??

  44. Mine didn’t work, did it two restores but still comes back with the spinning wheel, getting a new device but have to wait a further month! ???

      1. mine was stuck all day it worked once i finally got a computer to find out how to fix this and it worked!

    1. If its stuck on the apple logo its a different issua, usually a little worse. Not easily fixed and the attempts to fix it is usually the same as with the loading circle. wait till battery dies and plug it in, if it doesnt work then try and restore it through yoour PC.

  45. Does anyone one know why it does this? I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 and I was just importing a PDF from my iCloud to the Books app when it just froze up and went to this? Anyone got any leads?

    Other than that, the solution worked like a charm. No need to restore.

      1. Awesome ! Worked for my iPhone 7 …. Held it down until I finally got the apple sign, about 2 minutes.

    1. This really worked for my iPhone 7, holding down the vulume and power buttons! Thank you for this it’s been stuck for hours!

    1. This problem happened to me before and it worked, but now it happened again and none of the above solutions are working! 🙁
      What should I do? Should I restore?

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