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  1. I did have this to start with a few months ago but also had the opposite problem sometimes. I get a default text noise which isn’t my text tone but no message or notification is received after hearing this. Same with the fb messenger sound for a message I hear that too occasionally when I don’t have a message . Anyone else have this problem? I have an iPhone 11 and I’ve already checked none of my apps are set to sounds only.

  2. I’m in the same boat. I’ve very tech savvy and have tried every single fix from when this happened several iOSes ago. This is definitely a weird bug and it occurs at the most inconvenient of times.

    1. Same boat, here too, of not consistently getting notifications for texts. Whatever this glitch is, it is impacting my smartwatch (not receiving notifications), too.


  3. Apple is there any plans to fix this? Ever since upgrade to 14.x I randomly stop receiving text alerts. No it is not my mute switch. No it is not do not disturb. No it is not a volume setting. It is a bug in your software.

    1. I agree. I have experienced the same issue over the last few days. Very frustrating for work and important time sensitive texts.

  4. We have been trouble shooting this and found that when we turned off bluetooth on the iphone in settings (and locked the screen to test) the incoming message sound did play when the phone was locked and the wake up screen displayed. This was not the case when bluetooth was on.

    We continued by uninstalling the apple watches which were paired. Once the apple watch was not paired, and bluetooth turned back on. We found that the iPhone worked as we expected. I am now re-pairing the watches and am assuming that once paired, the iWatch will be the designated communicator and my iPhone, when locked, will not show notifications and will not sound that I have a new message. If it’s different, I will add an additional update.

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