More Apple Car Details: Apple’s Secret Team and

All Apple filings to the California DMV obtained by macReports yesterday through a public records request contained the brand, model, and plate and VIN number of the vehicles and the names of many individuals that Apple names as the official “driver/operators” of these autonomous vehicles. According to these documents, Apple autonomous cars consist of 2015/2016/2017 Lexus RX450h SUVs .

There are a total of 94 vehicles for testing. The number is higher than the actual number of cars (Apple has 62 autonomous vehicles) because, as we were told by the DMV, manufacturers often change the number of cars and drivers.

There are more than 100 drivers. One of the drivers is Alexander Dratva. It seems that Dratva is still working for a German company  called Objective (its website is no longer active). It seems that this company is a consulting company and its main focus is on autonomous cars. According to the company’s web site, Dratva is a “core” member of the company and one of the line manager responsible for “HD Maps”. Is this company working for Apple? Objective and Dratva did not respond to a request for comment on this story at the time of publication. Apple also did not respond to a request for comment.

Here are the full list of Apple’s drivers: (Some names are listed more than once, because Apple’s documents list them more than once, we were told by the DMV that it is possible that they could be they were removed and then added back).

  1. Moritz Niendorf
  2. Xavier Mendez
  3. Ronald Noda
  4. Ashton Bjaranson
  5. David Flohr
  6. Dimitar Lukarski
  7. Abhijit Kallapur
  8. Donald Lewis
  9. Alvin Sangco
  10. Marcus Cunningham
  11. Juddson Rivera
  12. Noel Du Toit
  13. Eric Dutton
  14. David Flohr
  15. Christopher Gadda
  16. Adwait Gandhe
  17. Ryan Gibbs
  18. Aaron Hansen
  19. Paul Hebert
  20. Robert Hertan
  21. Scott Heugly
  22. Gabriel Hoffman
  23. Victor Hwang
  24. Luke Johnson
  25. Abhijit Kallapur
  26. Shahab Kaynama
  27. Christian Kim
  28. Jacoby Larson
  29. Timothy Lee
  30. Martin Levihn
  31. Mark Lillie
  32. Dimitar Lukarski
  33. Xavier Mendez
  34. Nicholas Muyo
  35. Moritz Niendorf
  36. Ronald Noda
  37. Mihael Packard
  38. Jeffrey Pacoma
  39. Srichand Pendyala
  40. Piccini Tommaso
  41. Daniel Pickem
  42. Adam Ragatz
  43. Juddson Rivera
  44. David Rosas
  45. Alvin Sangco
  46. Michael Sherback
  47. Eric Shin
  48. Stefan Solyom
  49. Raleigh St Clair
  50. Siddarth Swaminathan
  51. Adam Watson
  52. Roger Encarnacion
  53. Ronald Gully
  54. Orlando Martinez
  55. Gary Stricklin
  56. Ronald Ward
  57. Moses Barreras
  58. Roberto Barrera
  59. Jeffrey Dick
  60. Daniel Dower
  61. Cornelius Johnson
  62. Robert Ciano
  63. Christopher Melendez
  64. Richard Persson
  65. Adam Shover
  66. Charles Blumberg
  67. Christopher Barnes
  68. Evan Georgewill
  69. Johannes Huennekens
  70. Kenneth Price
  71. Lawrence Mao
  72. Tobias Wong
  73. Richard Zenteno
  74. Ryan Batte
  75. Vanessa Gonzalez
  76. James Reed
  77. Shilpa Gulati
  78. Paul Hebert
  79. Jeremy Ma
  80. David Rosas
  81. Christopher Gadda
  82. Victor Hwang
  83. Anthony Battaglia
  84. Nikolaus Roetemeyer
  85. Felix Chan
  86. Carlos De Massera Filho
  87. Valerio De Carolis
  88. Eric Dutton
  89. Lowell Caerlang
  90. Michael Aldea
  91. Sage Wolfe
  92. Gaurav Ahuja
  93. Caesar Alvarado
  94. Kenneth Arimoto
  95. Joseph bass
  96. Michael Bentley Mills
  97. John Birmingham
  98. Ashton Bjaranson
  99. Connor Brew
  100. Koabi Brooks
  101. Richard Casillas
  102. Marcus Cunningham
  103. Gino De Nardi
  104. Alexander Dratva
  105. Hector Martinon
  106. Adam Watson
  107. Ryan Gibbs
  108. Tommaso Piccini
  109. Noel Du Toit
  110. Luke Johnson
  111. Gaurav Ahuja
  112. Jacoby Lerson
  113. Daniel Pickem
  114. Eric Shin
  115. Adwait Gandhe
  116. Aaron Hansen
  117. Christian Kim
  118. James Borders
  119. Joseph Bass
  120. Conner Brew
  121. Srichland Pendyala
  122. Martin Levinh
  123. Joshua Redding
  124. Kenneth Arimoto
  125. Gino Denardi
  126. Nicholas Muyo
  127. Michael Packard
  128. Raleigh St Claire
  129. Siddharth Swaminathan

One other thing is that Apple also changed its address (the department, product integrity department, responsible for autonomous vehicles) to One Apple Park Way.

Article history:

  • Edited on April 5, 2022 to fix a broken link.

Dr. Serhat Kurt worked as a Senior Technology Director. He holds a doctoral degree (or doctorate) from the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign and a master’s degree from Purdue University. Here is his LinkedIn profile.

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