iOS: Contact Search Not Working on iPhone or iPad?

Several users have reported problems with the built-in Contacts app. Some users have reported an issue in which iPhone or iPad’s Contacts app freezes during a contact search. Others have stated that conducting a search always yields “No Results,” causing users to think that their contacts have disappeared. Furthermore, some users stated that they started having this problem after updating … Read more

iOS Message Notifications: Contact Names Missing

Some users have stated that text message notifications show the phone number rather than the contact name after updating to iOS 9. Reported problems include, but are not limited to: Only iMessages do not display the name Only certain/random contact names are missing How to fix missing contact names Here is how you can fix this problem. Please, … Read more

Connection Insecure: Unable to access / add email accounts

Several Mac users have reported an issue in which email accounts (Yahoo or Gmail etc) cannot be added. Users receive the following error message: Connection Insecure Failed to verify the server certificate. This could be because of your network configuration or your proxy settings. You may also see experience this problem when you want to send … Read more