How To Fix iOS 9.3 Battery Life Problems

iOS 9.3 comes with many new features. However several iPhone and iPad users seem to suffering with a fast draining battery problem after the iOS 9.3 update. Here are a few simple fixes to keep iOS 9.3 last much longer. 1-Background App Refresh Background App Fresh lets apps run in the background thus may drain battery … Read more

iOS 9.3 Update: iPhone, iPad Activation Problems, Fix

Several iPhone and iPad users have reported activation problems during the installation of iOS 9.3. More specifically, users are unable to complete the update because iPhone or iPad cannot connect to the activation server.  Users are receiving error messages, like these: Activation Servers are busy – please try later… Cannot activate because the activation server is temporarily not … Read more

How To Update To iOS 9.3 On iPhone, iPad

Apple released iOS 9.3 today; the latest version of the mobile operating system. This update will bring new features to iOS, such as Night Shift. You can now download and install iOS 9.3 on your iPhone or iPad. iOS 9.3 Update Important. You may want to back up your device before you begin using iCloud or … Read more

Mac: Can’t Adjust The Sound Volume Level, Fix

This article aims to help you troubleshoot and fix sound problems. More specifically,  several Mac users have reported that they are unable to change/adjust sound/volume. Do you think that your Mac’s volume control is not working? If you can’t adjust volume, here is how you can fix: Please complete each step before moving on. Sound … Read more

App Store Shows White Blank Screen, Fix

Several iPhone and iPad users have stated that they are unable to access the App Store because users see a white blank screen when they go to the App Store. Sometimes the App Store Updates page is also not showing and loading. You will need to load the App Store so that you can download … Read more

iOS: Can’t Turn On Bluetooth? Fix

Is Bluetooth stuck in the off setting and are you not able to turn it on? When you try to turn Bluetooth on, do you see a spinning gear? Will your Bluetooth device not connect with your iPhone or iPad? Sometimes you may see a spinning wheel/gear instead of the on/off buttons. This article explains how to fix an … Read more

Siri Not Working? How To Troubleshoot Problems

Some iOS users are facing problems that Siri is not functioning as expected. This article is designed to help you identify and fix various problems with Siri. Siri, Speech Interpretation & Recognition Interface, is an intelligent – voice-activated personal assistant. Apple released Siri as part of iOS 5. Siri is designed to streamline tasks (sending text messages, making … Read more

White House Petition To Stop FBI Court Order

Apple fans are calling for halting “efforts that compel Apple and other device makers to create a “backdoor” for the Government to access citizens data”. This petition has been launched at the White House. It addresses President Barack Obama. The petition says: The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security … Read more

Apple Has Sold More Than 1.5 Billion iDevices

Apple has crossed a major milestone. Apple has sold a little more that 1,5 billion units of iPhone, iPad and iPod combined since the release of the iPhone in 2007 . Specifically, Apple sold: 896,548,000 iPhone 308,150,000 iPad 297,828,000 iPod Total: 1,502,526,000 devices This is significant. This is like 3 out of 10 persons in the world … Read more