How to use Shazam Music Recognition in iOS 14.2

Apple purchased Shazam, the music recognition app, in 2018 and iPhone users have been able to use Shazam on their devices for some time now. But now, with iOS 14.2, Apple has integrated it into the system software and made Music Recognition available in Control Center. See also: Set Up a New iPhone: How to … Read more

iPhone Vibrates When Music Is Played, Fix

Your iPhone may vibrate when listening to music. Several people have said that they notice a vibration when the sound comes out via speaker. Your iPhone has a built-in speaker system that lets you hear sounds when you play videos or music. When music is played on your iPhone, you may feel your iPhone’s touch … Read more

Music App: Album / Song Art Not Appearing? Fix

Several iPhone and iPad users have reported that Apple Music album art is not showing when using the app. Cover art for songs and albums is automatically added for music files. If your music library files are not loading the album artwork, and if you only see the generic placeholder music icon (see the image … Read more