iPhone Says Connected But No Wi-Fi Icon and No Connection

From the users’ comments and complaints I read, It appears that some iPhone users are experiencing a strange problem where their iPhone appears to be connected to Wi-Fi in Settings but there is no Wi-Fi icon that supposed to show up at the top of the screen representing the active Wi-Fi internet connection, because the … Read more

Wi-Fi Seems Slow, but Speed Test Shows it is Fine

Wi-Fi slow but fine

There can be many reasons behind ‘slow’ internet speeds. It is frustrating to experience delays, buffering or seemingly slow speeds when you have paid for speedy Wi-Fi service in your home. There are Wi-Fi speed tests you can run, such as Ookla, to check if you are getting the Mbps you expect, but sometimes these … Read more

Wi-Fi Says Not Configured on Mac, Fix

Several Mac users have reported that they can’t connect to Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi appears to be disabled. Users are experiencing these issues: An X in the Wi-Fi menu’s icon in the menu bar appears. The Wi-Fi icon is also grayed out. When the Wi-Fi icon is clicked, the dropdown menu says “Wi-Fi: Not Configured”. This … Read more

Wi-Fi Password Sharing Not Working, How to Fix

Several users have said that the wireless Wi-Fi password sharing feature is not working as expected. Users have reported these problems: When attempted to share a password, an error message appears saying “Password Not Shared. There was a problem sharing your Wi-Fi password.” The Share Password popup window (set up animation) does not appear. Tapping … Read more

Wi-Fi is Off and Won’t Turn On Mac, Fix

Several users have said that they are unable to turn on Wi-Fi on the Mac, thus the Mac won’t connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. The problem is that users find that the menu icons indicate that Wi-Fi is turned off and attempting to turn it on by clicking “Turn Wi-Fi on” does not work. … Read more

iPhone Wi-Fi Connection is Slow? How to Fix

Some users have reported that they are facing an issue of Wi-Fi being slow on their iPhone. This is an important problem. There could be many reasons your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection might seem unsatisfactory. It should be very annoying to have slow Wi-Fi speeds when you are paying for a high-speed Internet plan. In this … Read more

Wi-Fi Not Working after Big Sur Upgrade

After installing the macOS Big Sur upgrade, some users are reporting trouble with their Wi-Fi. For some users, the connection drops frequently and is unreliable. For others, their Wi-Fi is slow. Your freshly upgraded Mac may be having trouble with your Wi-Fi, while your other devices seem to have no issues. We have seen Wi-Fi … Read more

How to Set Up Apple TV when Remote is Lost or not Responding

Apple TV remotes are notorious for disappearing. They are small, thin and easily eaten by couches and other upholstered furniture. They can hide under almost anything. Many with lost Apple TV remotes eventually conclude their long lost remote must have been accidentally discarded in the trash, somehow. See also: Apple TV Remote Not Working? How … Read more