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  1. none of these thinngs have worked for me 🙁 i dont use a vpn, I reset my network settings etc. I pretty much tried everything and it still doesnt work. I have the newest ios version (16.1.1). any other solutions? Im pretty much losing my mind.

    1. I think it is time to contact Apple. You may want to make Genius bar appointment to have your device checked.

    1. My thanks also. I had Norton VPN on my phone and while it didn’t interfere with the internet connection on my iphone previously that changed for unknown reasons today. Thank you Serhat.

  2. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get my Wi-Fi symbol to pop back up. I even contacted Apple and they couldn’t do anything. But something so simple as the VPN was the cause of my issue. Thank you so much!!

    1. It’s was the update that totally hosed my phone and updates are Terrible and almost always end in disaster. I think it’s a money thing and stupid greedy people do this to us on pourpose. Really blows dont it folks ? Sorry. I’m dealing with this bs as I type this to you people. Good luck !

  3. Many thanks, deleting VPN configuration fixed it, and it also was causing an error of connection with iTunes, error of 0xE8000065!! “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065)”, it is also fixed after deleting all VPN config.

  4. THANK YOU!!! My VPN was like on in my settings but off in my VPN app. After turning it off in settings it works again!

  5. Resetting the network settings worked on my iPhone XR
    Pretty weird bug after using this phone for over 3.5 years
    Thanks for the article

  6. Thank you for your help. It was my VPN. I had done everything else, it seems (except reset ALL). I tried so many other sites and you were the only one I found to recommend turning off the VPN. Thank you so much!! I am very relieved!

  7. VPN was the issue for me.

    I had a shortcut that allowed me to choose and connect to a VPN server immediately, but this one time, I was greeted with a bandwidth limit message. I ended up not using the VPN connection, but my phone was constantly trying to connect to the VPN the whole time, which caused this issue. Simply deleting the VPN configuration helped solve the problem.

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