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  1. Hi! I got to Step 5, but when I went to select the interface and add Wi-Fi back, it did not appear as an option; only Thunderbolt Bridge, Thunderbolt 1, Bluetooth PAN, VPN, PPPoE, and 6to4. Can anyone provide some guidance?

  2. GRACIAS! Llegué a pensar que era daño de hardware, pero con el paso 2 PRAM me funcionó, ya había hecho los otros pasos incluido ese, sin embargo la clave estuvo en hacerlo más de 20 segundos.

  3. I got all the way through to the end of option 4 but my MacBook does not give a WiFi option on the interface drop down. Only thunderbolt, Bluetooth, VPN, PPPoE, and 6to4.

  4. Hello, I was just wonder for #2 do you hold until the log in page or the Apple sign and loading bar?

    Cheers Sophie

  5. Thank you SO much for this! I thought using my iMac again for anything useful was helpless but #2 did the trick.

  6. What excellent and detailed instructions. The wi-fi icon has disappeared completely so I went straight to option 6 and followed instructions. To my surprise the current network status is showing as connected. I think this needs a bit of fiddling to find the “lost” icon which I am not competent to do.

  7. I went down the list and option 4 was the fix!! Thank you very much for taking the time to provide this information! Saved me a lot of time, headache, and money!!

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