Cannot Download Photo: iCloud Library, Fix

You may receive the following error message when you try to view, edit, download, duplicate, share, or attach a photo: Cannot Download Photo. There was an error downloading this photo from your iCloud Photo Library. Please try again later.  See also: Your iCloud Storage Is Almost Full? You may also get the “Unable to Share” error … Read more

How To Fix Slower Wi-Fi Problem On iOS 11

iOS 11 is Apple’s latest operating system update as of now. The new iOS 11 update comes with a lot of new features, fixes and improvements, but  also, it has bugs, and other performance issues. One of the issues people are facing after updating their iPhone or iPad to iOS 11 is slow Wi-Fi problems.In … Read more

iMovie: How To Remove Automatic Zoom Effect

Yesterday, I was editing a video and I added a few background photos. When I added the photos, iMovie automatically applied an automatic zoom to all my pictures. You probably noticed this too. When you import images, your images will automatically zoom in and out when you play your video. So how can you stop … Read more

Your iCloud Storage Is Almost Full?

I started to get these emails from Apple saying “Your iCloud storage is almost full. You have XX MB remaining of XX GB total storage.” You may be also getting the same message or a similar message like “Your iCloud storage is full”. If you are receiving these messages (meaning you reach your limit), basically … Read more Password Will Be Sent In The Clear Error, Fix

Several iPhone and/or iPad users have reported that they unexpectedly receive one of the following error messages: “Authentication Required. To access this site, you need to log in to this area on Password will be sent in the clear” Or “ Password will be sent in the clear” Or Or “” These messages ask you … Read more

An Invalid Response Received From the Device, Fix

Several users have reported that they received the “iTunes could not connect to iPhone or iPad because an invalid response was received from the device” error message when they connect their iOS devices to their computers. Furthermore, some other users have stated that iTunes freezes while they are syncing their iOS devices with their computer. This error occurs … Read more

Apple’s Autonomous Car Application

We submitted a Public Record Act (PRA) request for the application. And we got it. Here it is. Autonomous Vehicle Tester (AVT) Program Application for Manufacturer's Testing Permit by Mikey Campbell on Scribd We redacted some personal information such as the VIN numbers etc.

iOS: Stuck On Updating iCloud Settings, Fix

Yesterday, I was trying update the iOS software on my iPad. Everything went smoothly. I went to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install. The download and then installation process began automatically. My device restarted and I was following the instructions in the setup assistant. I was asked to enter my Apple … Read more