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  1. There is also other ways to deal with this problem besides above effective methods. For instance, using professional iOS system repair tools like TunesKit iOS System Recovery, seeking Apple center for help, etc.

  2. When i try to sign into Itunes and app store, it takes a bit of time and does nothing. The sign in option again becomes available on my iphone 6

  3. Thank you SO much. I have been watching videos for days trying to resolve the problem of my iPad not connecting to the App Store and trying everything they suggested to no avail. Finally I tried your suggestion of disabling Airplane mode then enabling and it worked. I am SO grateful to you.

  4. This does not work on my end. I can sign in on my icloud but could not connect or sign in in app store. I tried doing these steps and no changes done. Also, when I signed out and in, they would not accept the account so I updated the password and still does not work. When i used another icloud account, the same thing happened. Please can you help? It’s been a week

    1. The same with my wife’s iphone. What is weird, it shows the part of app store that shows personal information, apps purchased, and so on, but no connection to the part that shows new apps. Signing off/on once helped. Also, once helped changing region (actually, not changing, clucking again USA). I did not try yet setting a future date, it lives on NNTP…

  5. Why should we have to turn off our VPN to connect to the App Store? Why isn’t our ID and password all that is needed? Are you going to fix it so we don’t have to turn off our VPN to connect to the App Store?

  6. Thank you thank you thank you
    It was my VPN that was restricting my App Store giving me the cannot connect command

  7. My AppStore has been disabled I went to a sight when I seen it cost I left never to go back the took my visa which was stored and charged me I did not agree to this more keep it I fill this is wrong my bank filed a chaplain and gave me my money back.please fix this problem

  8. My App Store has been disabled I went to a sight when I seen it cost I left. They charged me I never agreed to them I only visited and left.the bank gave me my money back but now I have Ben disabled I don’t fill this is right.

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