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  1. Help, I am stuck on the “get” loop on the app store. Whenever I try to download a free app and log in my apple id, the button on the app goes back to “get” and nothing happens

  2. I have this error with google calendar. Since version 1.188.x.
    If I watch the google calendar app in app store I says IOS 10 or later, but I think this information is wrong, and because I have an Iphone 5c (with IOS 10.3.3), the update is not working for that reason.

  3. I am still not able to download anything on my iPhone 6S, it shows “invalid address” whenever i try to download and i am not able to fix it. Please help.

  4. I am having the same problem as most of you some times when I reset my devices it usually goes back to normal, but here lately it has started doing it again and even resetting it won’t work…

    Any other advice?

  5. I have the same problem with my Iphone 5s I tried all the solutions lsited above and still it didnt work, any help?

  6. I have this problem with every app I try to download in my ipad air 2. I can only install apps via sync with software like imazing or an older version of itunes with app store. Opera VPN works too, but it fails usually 70% of times.

    I have tried via bluetooth internet tethering with my macbook and the installation is successfull 50% of times. The bad is the slow transfer data of bluetooth 2.1 from my macbook’09.

    I have tried everything. Changing languages, another apple id, zone, date, restoring in DFU, everything….Nothing worked.

    I have no problems installing apps in my iphone or my brother’s ipad mini with my wifi network, so I think there is a hardware problem with my ipad or in the apple server about install validations.

    Apple support doesn’t help me.

  7. When you try to redownload an app that you have previously uninstalled, the app shows a little cloud with a down arrow, rather than the download button you get first time. Is it possible to revert the app to its virgin first download state as I get the ‘Can’t download’ message every time I try to reinstall my Nokia Health Mate App. It seems to download and the download circle completes but it never goes to the final screen with the ‘Open’ button.

  8. I was having problems with the Daily Telegraph App – digital newspaper editions not loading properly. The newspaper technical department suggested I re-boot the iPad and delete / reinstall their Telegraph App, both of which I had tried myself before phoning. They asked me to do both again and then (horrors) the Telegraph App refused to re- install at all. At that point they suggested it was an Apple fault. Contacted the Apple technician, who then said it was the newspaper’s fault so I was going round and round in circles with no solution. Finally I tried to think the problem through myself – I did a ‘restore’ with iTunes, but with some fear and trepidation, thinking I might be restoring the iPad back to factory settings. Brilliant – the Telegraph App miraculously reappeared in full working order. The big drawback however, was that all my saved ‘log-ins’ had to be inserted again by hand – banking, email, etc but very satisfying when I had done these individually, as the iPad was back to full performance.

  9. I has same problem in my iphone 6 , i’m downloading apps without problem, except ‘facebook messenger’ when i download it appear this error message twice. How i fix it? I tried more solutions like you but not fixed

  10. When That happens to me, I often delete the app and then download it again. It happens only w Google stuff, e.g. GMail and GoogleMaps. Works every time.

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