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  1. Blank white screen on billing info screen within itunes, could not update card info to make purchases.
    I resolved by changing my billing info in the app store which also changed itunes.
    Geniuses are shit!

  2. On 11.1 with white screen on iPad. Followed plan all the way through Time and Date…That did the trick. Thanks for your advice. Now, if only I could figure out why my WiFi keeps disconnecting…I have to flip WiFi on and off until it resyncs. Just doesn’t hold the connection..especially with Netflix, Amazon, but even with non-demanding apps.

  3. This bug dropped down on me without reason : App store blank page (no search; no favorites), except for updates still working (proving that I was properly logged in).

    Changing the language worked for me !

    This is creazy.


  4. Have someone send you a link to an APP in the app store via SMS. I clicked on this link and everything worked

  5. brand new iPhone 6s Plus straight from box and none of the fixes have worked… someone please help….. need App Store

  6. Same issue with BRAND NEW iPad Pro 9.7″right out of the box yesterday.- set it up, but got white screen for apps. store. unable to fix thru itunes, then saw iOS update, and like idiot loaded it, but the white screen issue persisted. Machine is no use to me without apps. So is Apple Pencil. NOT HAPPY we have to rely on ghetto ass fixes like changing the year?? REALLY???Like it was some Apple 2 computer from the stone age. When i spend this much money on anything I expect it to WORK!

  7. well me i was also frustrated last night on how to fix it. only that night i also had the solution. so here it is. if you are using a cellular data as your data connection or internet just go to settings> cellular data >use cellular data for> then turn on the app store cause it might be turned off, so thats how my problem worked. hope i helped you guys.

  8. This one worked for me; 7-Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > and make sure that Location-Based iAds is tuned off.


  9. Where do I find Apple Systems Status page? Couldn’t find it under settings. I have a 6s plus. Neither music store nor App Store will come up. I tried all your other suggestions

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