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  1. I’ve been trying every method I have found online to fix this problem on my mom’s iPhone 7+. Nothing has worked at all, I have even factory reset it, and location for Google Maps is ALWAYS ON. Even trying to close the apps individually, and rebooting after the process. I am so sick and tired of Apple’s crap service, if I had another phone for my mom I would throw this POS in a blender.

    It’s even more sad with the unsolved problem people are still having, recorded 3 years ago.

    OnePlus 6T all the way.

  2. I have Google Maps on my iPhone set to ALWAYS be able to access Location.

    Anyone know why then I still get only sporadic Location information to my Timeline when checking with Chrome on a MacBook…at times it says I don’t have permission to access Location of device signed into my google account???

  3. Hey everyone,

    I was following this thread as I was experiencing the same issues on the iPhone app. It looks like Google Maps has released an update that fixes these bugs and now the layers in my maps are visible and selectable again!

  4. Exact same issue as everyone above! Pins that were working fine recently just stopped showing up, on my iphone and ipad. Tried everything mentioned above. Hope they come up with a fix soon

  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue. I’m a salesperson too and rely on the layer with custom pins of My Maps and am unable to access on IOS. I tried to open it on my girlfriends Android and it works as it should. I hope this doesn’t take long to resolve.

    1. Exact same problem. I’ve never had any issues viewing my legend pins on my Iphone and I use it daily, as well as updating new layers depending on where I’m traveling in my field. Suddenly I can’t view any “my maps” locations on my Iphone, but can view them just fine on my Galaxy as well as my laptop.

      As if I needed another reason to loathe Iphones.

  6. Same issue here… BUT I HAVE A WORK AROUND! You have to access it on the computer and go to “Your Places” and click “Open in My Maps” and

    Click “Share” (the guy with the + above the name of your layer) and then choose email.

    Then change the setting to the “Recommended” setting that says anyone with the link can access it.

    Proceed to email the link to yourself.

    When you open the email from your iPhone click the link and choose to open in Safari.

    It will open your map with the pins on it… From there you can zoom in and click on the pin you want then drag the named location up from the bottom (it will show you the address) and click view in google maps.

    It will open google maps with the address already pulled up in the search box, from there just click “Directions,” and your golden!

    NOTE: I did try and save the page as a bookmark and Safari does’t really like that as it doesn’t seem to reload from there so you will need to reference the email every time, at least for me.

  7. My Saved Maps are not showing either. I can see the saved maps on my computer. But I can’t see them on my Google Maps app on my iPhone.

  8. Yes this is a known issue affecting all Apple users, Google is aware of it.

    I am assuming it’ll be addressed with either an app update or an IOS update sometime in the next few weeks.



    1. Where has google stated this, I just got a new iphone on contract and my 15 days to return it are up and now I’m stranded and can’t work without maps

  9. I’m having the same issues as people above! My company is paying for the google email service and we use the pins to route our days to visit clients and now the pins are gone in the app, I’ve done almost everything I can think of but nothing works.

    This app worked perfectly 2 weeks ago!

    Please help resolve this!

  10. I too am having the exact same problem described by Nazar Dindo. As a salesperson, I rely on the pins I have through Google maps on my iPhone.

    Need Help!!!

  11. hi.. i need help desperately. i have an iphone 7+. i have loads of my maps for each of the cities i visited. Each map has all the locations i am interested in. suddenly these pins and locataion spots i chose do not show on the map anymore. if i click on the legend button, all the names of the places come up but they dont show on the apple. i have done all the measures mentioned above. i resetted my phone twice and restored it twice. but when i reinstall google maps and open my maps, the locations dont show up. i can open these maps from google chorme and all the locations are there. my maps are more useful when opened from google maps rather than chrome. please help

    1. I am having the same issue. No markers/pins that I setup on My Maps are showing up on IPhone. I have updated everything and deleted and reinstalled the google maps app several times with no luck.

    2. I have the same issue and I have been using The map which I created for my work. All my projects and my account are on The Map. I could not visit my project for a week. I need help.

    3. I’ve been having the same problem since the last Google Maps update a week or so ago. Only way of accessing my personal maps is either on my laptop or by using the desktop version of Google Maps on my iPhone and iPad.

    1. I’m having the same problem as your describe, were you able to get it to go I see that Google maps had an update (V5.10) 3 days ago – Fri Feb 1, however it was working Friday around 5. I’m wondering if that short circuited things?

  12. it’s a global issue in I Phone 7 & 7+. no solution @ apple support after whole of troubleshooting, i know someone solve it by changed his device internal network antenna.

  13. Hi,
    Another thing I found that the reason why my map wasn’t working and was going all over the place during navigation because it was linked to my iPad and not the iPhone. The steps to rectify are as follows:
    Go to “settings”
    Go to “Apple ID”
    Go to “share my location”
    Make sure “share my location” is turned green.
    Go to “from” and ensure the device you are using to navigate is selected, ie “iphone”


    1. This has been driving me mad! This was the answer !!!! Thank u👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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