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  1. this worked for me too. my issue was on my iMac. only the #’s were showing up in iMessage. i edited a name on my iPhone and it fixed the issue on my iMac. thanks!! i wish i would have seen this hours ago!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The phone numbers instead of names was frustrating but editing one contact fixed all of them too. Great help!

  3. This happened on my new iPhone 7 after upgrading to iOS 11 last night. Tried some of the other things, with no luck, but changing one of the affected contacts did.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. this worked for me after many hours of searching
    Toggle Contacts Off/On – In iOS 10, go to Settings | Contacts. Go to Accounts and select the account(s) for which your contacts for the Messages app are connected to. Within that (those) account(s), toggle the Contacts button to the off position, wait 10-15 seconds, then toggle the button back to the on position (On = Green). Check to see if the issue has been resolved.

  5. My names disappeared after I logged out of iCloud. When I logged back in they reappeared. I had not previously been connected to iCloud.

  6. What worked for me was switching of contact sync with my Exchange email account, waiting 30 secs and switching back on.

  7. I was having the exact issue with my iPhone SE. I tried all the suggestions pretty much, the only thing that worked was turning off the iMessage and then turning it back on.

  8. The only fix that worked for me was to open a contact and update it. I changed one name and clicked Done. All contact names restored after that saved change.

    1. Ditto with Michelle’s advice. Updated one contact’s information and saved it by clicking “Done”. All active chats were restored with names, not their phone numbers.

    2. Wanted to add my solve for this problem: For you guys who use gmail, your phone is hooked on there. Change it to icloud.

      So in your phone go to Settings->Contacts->Default Account-> iCloud <– as in it will be gmail, change it to iCloud.

      Hope that helps. I did not find this answer anywhere and so I wanted to share with the world

      1. I followed the steps suggested by Peter (however, on my phone “On My iPhone” was selected, not “Gmail”). This did not solve the problem, so I followed the steps again, only this time I re-selected “On My iPhone” — and it worked! All contact names appeared again in my message app.

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