iPad Says Location Cannot Be Determined, Fix

Some users have said that they see a popup message saying “Current location not available, your current location cannot be determined at this time” when they want to use Location Services. This error message indicates that Location Services on your iPad is not working and it is important to fix this issue because some apps … Read more

Location Services Not Working (iOS, iPadOS), Fix

This article explains how you can troubleshoot when your iPhone or iPad isn’t showing your correct location. If Location Services is not working properly, map apps, directions, and location-based apps may not determine your location and thus they may give false or misleading results. For example: Google Maps and Apple Maps may not work properly, … Read more

How To Remove Location Data When You Share Photos and Videos

You can take great photos and videos with your iPhone. Furthermore, you can easily share photos and videos with others from the iOS Photos app. By default (you can disable this, see below), your pictures and videos will have embedded location information (GPS data) because your iPhone embed GPS coordinates (the location where they are … Read more