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  1. What is the difference between, the arrows with the circular back, and the red dot with the white dot inside, also when it says where the location is how do you know what location belongs to which arrows

  2. This started happening with iOS 14.4. It seems Find my IPhone is running most of the time. The hollow arrow icon appears on the left screen. It’s draining my battery rapidly.

  3. I can’t get rid of the arrow on the top left of my screen. I’ve disabled all location settings. I’ve reset to factory defaults. It just won’t go away. The arrow opens another screen that I have no idea what to do with. Stupid arrow gets in the way of everything. Help!!!

  4. I’m having a problem and I can’t get an answer. My Facebook page seems to be bigger than it use to be.. The home and other 2 arrows at the bottom of the page are now down under the black frame of the phone. I have to pull the screen down from the top to bring the arrows up so I can get out of the page I’m on. How can I make the page smaller to bring the arrows up where I can see them?

  5. There is an icon in the top left of my notifications. It’s a white elongated square in a vertical direction with soft
    rounded corners . In the bottom right corner there is a white solid circle (except for the description below of the vertical and horizontal lines that meet) that overlaps to the bottom right and a little below outside of the aforementioned square and the lines of the square have a small gap above and to the left of the circle (not touching the white circle). Inside the circle is two parts of a connected box. First part is a vertical line and second part is a horizontal line touching and starting at the bottom of vertical line going to the right. Both lines are equal in length and width. Almost looking like a stubby ‘L”. To the direct and close left of the white circle is a white squared dot (inside the elongated white box at the bottom) and it is parallel where the bottom of vertical line and horizontal lines meet inside the white circle. My notification bar is green so white is the only other color in this icon. The symbol inside the white circle almost looks like a heart. I can’t see anything in my notifications when I swipe from top to bottom.

  6. Yes my ex husband has been hacking my iPhone 5 as I’ve seen what he’s looked up the screen will change by self ect and it’ll be 100 per at 9.00am then by 12.00 it’s dead,how is he doing it I’m hooked up with Donestic Viokence and he’s also managing to make up text messages sent to him from me making it look like it was me I have to try stop him as court will be involved and he also said I put a heap of s$h$t on my sons DS.I wouldn’t even know what to do with one and he’s using the kids other devices as well what to do

    1. Dana, this is not the place to get this kind of help. Do a Google Search for a “forum” that gets close to your personal need.
      An iPhone is very difficult to hack without having given your ex permission at some point. Even the US Government couldn’t do it.
      First step would be to change your phone’s & related accounts’ passwords. In fact changinging passwords, whether he had them or not, would be a good idea.

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