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  1. Screen time is not working on any of our devices. Seems to be an Apple issue, even though it indicates it is working.

  2. I have checked my settings as above, all were as they should be and have done many force quit of apps, resetting location services, entering airplane mode etc. for the last few months but still when I enter something like ‘find optician near me’ in Safari the results are for areas hundreds of miles away. Maps, Google maps and Google Earth all pinpoint my location correctly and using sites like autotrader give a reasonable estimate of my distance from various dealers. The issue seems to lie with direct searches in Safari.

  3. I have done all the above plus restoring my device. Am still not able to get my location services to work. Somedays it would work for a while and go back dead. My device does not use cellular network, I don’t know if this is a contributing factor.

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