Can you Connect More than One Monitor to a Mac?

Many Mac users, especially those who use MacBooks, may need more screen real-estate than their built-in displays provide. But, how many external monitors can you connect? Also, what are the display options for those connected screens – options like screen mirroring and extended display. Can M1 Macs use external displays as Intel Macs can? In … Read more

Is Steam Safe to Download on Mac?

Steam is a popular game distribution service with a huge library of more than 50,000 games available to purchase and play. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. They had more than 100 million monthly active players in … Read more

Wi-Fi Seems Slow, but Speed Test Shows it is Fine

Wi-Fi slow but fine

There can be many reasons behind ‘slow’ internet speeds. It is frustrating to experience delays, buffering or seemingly slow speeds when you have paid for speedy Wi-Fi service in your home. There are Wi-Fi speed tests you can run, such as Ookla, to check if you are getting the Mbps you expect, but sometimes these … Read more

How to Type a Squared Symbol on your Mac

Type Squared Symbols

This article will explain how you can type a squared symbol (2) on your Mac. The square number, also called ‘a number squared’, is a number multiplied by itself. A lot of Mac users, especially students, may want to enter the symbol because it is commonly used in education. “Squared” is often written as a … Read more

Mac Won’t Shut Down, Fix

Mac Not Shutting Image

You should easily be able to shut down or restart your Mac unless you are having issues with your Mac. Our articles often suggest “turn it off and turn it back on again” to troubleshoot a variety of macOS hardware and software problems. This means that this advice won’t work for you if your Mac … Read more

How to Protect your Data and your Privacy on Mac

macOS comes with many built in features that can help you keep your data safe, protect your privacy and even help you find your Mac if it becomes lost or stolen. Many of these features simply require you to enable them, and after that, they will be working in the background to protect your data … Read more

Shut Down vs Sleep on your Mac

Should you shut down your Mac every night? What is the difference between Shut Down and Sleep? Macs are designed to be pretty efficient when it comes to power usage. As far as electricity use, it’s not much and so it’s not something most people should think much about. When you shut down your computer, … Read more

How to Scan Documents to Mac using iPhone

People have many uses for document scanners. They have been around at the office seemingly forever, and most people choose to buy a home printer with a built in scanner. However, some people don’t have a printer/scanner at home, and even if you do, there are many situations where you may want or need to … Read more