How to Crop a Screenshot on your Mac

This article explains how you can crop a screenshot on your Mac. You can easily take screenshots on your Mac. There are a few techniques to capture a different part of your screen, the entire screen, a part of the screen, or a window. By default, the screenshots you take will be saved as image … Read more

How to Change the Default Screenshot File Format (PNG) to JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, or PDF in macOS

You can easily take screenshots on a Mac. In fact, I take a lot of screenshots. There are several ways. The easiest way is using the built-in shortcut key combinations to capture your screen: Shift-Command-3 (the whole screen), or Shift-Command-4 (a portion of the screen). When you take a screenshot, the default file format is … Read more

Screen Capture Freezing or Lagging on iPhone or iPad, Fix

Several users have said that they are having trouble taking screenshots on the iPhone and iPad. More specifically, users have said that their iPhone or iPad freezes up when taking screenshots. For some users, it appears that users run into lag issues when they want to capture their device’s screen. In this article, I explain … Read more

How To Disable Screenshot Thumbnail On Mac

When you take a screenshot or screen recording, a little screenshot thumbnail preview will appear for a few seconds, and if you do nothing and if you ignore it, your screenshot (or video recording) will be saved, by default, to your desktop, unless you change your chosen save location (see also: How To Change Mac Screenshot … Read more

How To Screenshot (Print Screen) And Record Screen On Your Mac

Print screen is a key present on most Windows PC keyboards. However, as you probably notice, your Mac computer keyboard does not have a print screen key. In Mac OS, print screen is called screen captures, screen grabs or screen shots. You can easily capture a snapshot of images, pages, windows, menus or screens on your computer. This … Read more

Where Do Screenshots Go On Mac?

Mac OS has a built-in screenshot taking feature and taking a screenshot is very easy. I take a lot of screenshots on my Mac. Some of them can be seen here on this website. Because this site, macreports, has a lot of macOS and iOS tutorials and I have written a lot of troubleshooting articles showing … Read more

Change Mac Screenshot Locations

I take a lot of screenshots while I use my Mac. You can see some of them here. Most of my articles include my screenshots. By default, the screenshots you take are saved on your desktop as .png files. You can easily take a screenshot without the need to download/install any third party software. There are a … Read more