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  1. the screen shot is on my desk top. double click it, won’t open. what good is the screen shot feature if I’m unable to open it and view?

  2. cmd shift 5 and select options to see where you screenshots are going as well as the ability to select where you want them to go.

  3. I can’t find mine anywhere. Last one I could one was on 2/20/2020 on my Desktop. Any other suggestions?

    1. Like Michelle above, I also found some in Recents. Note that all the files listed in Recents are actually from all sorts of different directories. You can see where they are from by looking at the path at the bottom of your Finder window if you have it set up that way, or by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Get Info”. The “Where” field shows the full path of the file.

      But I think the easiest way is to bring up a terminal window, (it should put you in your home directory by default to start with), then type (copy and paste the next line):

      find . -name “Screen Shot”*.* -print

      If you were not at your home directory, use the tilde (‘~’) character instead of the dot (‘.’) character in the “find” command above.
      That will find all the files and directories below your current location (your home directory) that start with “Screen Shot” and have any other characters after that (‘*’ means wildcard) and has any file type extension, and it will list/print them on the screen. For me, it showed several of them in my ./Pictures/Screenshots directory. My Pictures directory also happens to be listed on the left side of my Finder window, so maybe I’ll remember that’s where they are for next time!
      Hope this helps..

  4. My screen shots used to go to the desk top but do not do so ny longer. They definitely work as i can hear the click but there has been some system change which means they are now stored somewhere else. But where?

  5. Yes that is A exactly what I have been doing
    But now they dont stay on my desk top for more than a few seconds & i cant find where they have gone can you help please

    1. I couldn’t find mine either, as my desktop was full. I realized there is a pile of them in the upper right-hand corner. Also, if you have one screenshot and can open it, then from there (Preview) you can click File>Open and all your screenshots taken that same way should be available.

    2. I opened a previous screenshot, and opened it, it opened in Preview, then tried to follow Stacy’s suggestions. I couldn’t do that, but clicked on File then clicked on New From Clipboard – the first option, and my latest screenshot appeared. I haven’t been able to find any others yet.

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