iPhone Compass Not Working? Showing Wrong Directions? Fix

Several users have reported that The iPhone Compass app is not working properly. These are common users reported problems: Compass freezes or points in the wrong direction. Compass is behaving strangely. Compass is unable to find the location or elevation data. This article explains how you can fix when Compass is not working properly. Compass … Read more

iPhone Vibration not Working? How to Fix

Several users have complained that the vibration feature is not working on their iPhone. This can be a big issue for several users as this problem may cause them to miss important calls and messages they may receive. This article provides a step-by-step guide on fixing the vibration issues on the iPhone. It appears that … Read more

How to Use Apple Pay at ATMs

ATMs offer a convenient way to access your funds. An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a banking machine that allows you to perform basic money transactions. However, you may need your physical debit or credit card and a personal identification number to use an ATM. Recently, some major banks have begun offering card-free ATM access … Read more

iPhone is not Showing Contact Names But Numbers? How to Fix

Contact Names

Several iPhone users have said that their iPhone is not showing the contact names but instead displaying the contact numbers. You can add contacts to your iPhone. You can store phone numbers, email addresses, and even mailing addresses for the people you know. When this problem occurs, your won’t see your friends name when they … Read more

Why Does FaceTime Hang up? How to Fix

FaceTime keeps hanging

Several users have complained that FaceTime keeps hanging up and disconnecting randomly on Apple devices. This article explains how you can troubleshoot if you’re experiencing issues with FaceTime hang ups. The problem is that users are unable to complete the audio or video calls because of this issue. Because the calls are dropping mid-call. Please … Read more