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  1. I seem to have the opposite problem as many. I have the toggle switch turned on for do not disturb and when people text me they are NOT receiving the message that says I have messages silenced. I actually want that so they know I’m not simply ignoring them and I’m busy. Any suggestions? I found an automatic update last week so I don’t know if that affected it since I have never tried to use this feature before

  2. I think I am doing something wrong I want Do not Disturb from 9:15 PM until 8AM daily I scheduled it to turn on automatically. But there are 5 people that i wish to be able to call me day or night. I put this under allowed notifications One tried to reach me by phone during this time . it did not go through. Can you help me. I am a 70 year old “not so techy person”

  3. Everything is turned off or disabled and others are still getting a notifications silences from me. It would have been nice to include other options for when what’s listed doesn’t work.

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