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  1. Sadly, none of these instructions worked for me. I’ve deleted the indicated file, emptied the trash and restarted three times. Bluetooth speakers still not working now that I’ve upgraded to Monterey (MacBook Pro 2016).

  2. Neither of these is working for me.
    • There is no plist file:

    • When I enter the command in terminal and my password, return gets me back to
    Mac:~ WD$ sudo pkill bluetoothd
    Password: [enter and hit return]
    Mac:~ WD$

    Other people are complaining of the exact same thing.

    Using OS 12.4 on a MBP

  3. So I put in trash and emptied it and it’s completely gone to the point where my laptop won’t connect to anything. How do I fix this?!?!

  4. I ran the sudo command and it didn’t seem to improve anything, so I went to step 2. I found there was no file in the specified location. I assume the pkill command removed it, but a couple of restarts and one complete shutdown and restart did not restore it. Note that this is an M1Max, and my 2019 Intel MacBook, running Monterey does have this file. Is this different for the M1Max, or is this yet another bug in the Bluetooth farce?

    When I look at my Bluetooth Preferences it says “Now discoverable as: [my computer name]”, but if I click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar while holding down shift-option, it shows “Discoverable: off”. Yikes! However, after rebooting my Magic Trackpad and my MX Master 3 mouse are still working fine, but I can’t get it to find new Bluetooth devices.

    1. I have exactly the same issue as John Howard, except that my problematic hardware is a 2018 Mac Mini (Intel). This is driving me crazy! I have tried all the recommended “fixes” from multiple sites and none of them are working. All I want to do is use Universal Control between my 2 Macs, but issue this is causing it to not work.

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