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  1. This worked for me.
    sudo nvram boot-args=””

    However, I had to do it from Recovery Mode
    (cmd+R) while booting


    Sat Sri Akal ji 🙏

  2. After the option+command+P&P hold if I power my Mac the safe boot still appears can a permantly remove the safe boot?

  3. What I Experienced and how I partly solved the problem:
    1. MacBook Pro 2011 started in Safe Mode
    2. I could not enter my password because shift was stuck to Capitol letters
    3. I bought a Separate key bed on Amazon, suitable with USD to my MacBook Pro
    4. I connected this key bed to my Mac
    5. I restarted the Mac by pressing power button hard.
    6. Still, ,Mac starts in safe mode BUT by using the external key bed I can enter my password now and get the Mac fully started.
    Action items open: to find a way to get out of safe mode

  4. Hello! So I’m struggling from about 5 months to understand what’s the problem with my macbook pro….it starts always in safe boot mode without any issue with the shift key…when i perform PRAM reset it works then after using some app it completely blocks in Caps lock and no click working and other functions…i restart and it starts again in safe boot…idk what to do

  5. Thanks by the way even though it took me a long time to do this and most times it fail, thank you very much. God bless you.

  6. Thank you, resetting PRAM helped.

    My hdrive was full so my Mac stopped taking my password and when I restarted, it automatically switched to safe mode.

    But it didn’t accept the password, which I never changed in 4 years. Then I logged-in into the account and again restarted. The password worked but safe mode was there.

    Deleted some files around 20 gb but the safe mode as not going.

    Then I did PR reset and Boom!! It worked.

  7. Thank you so much. It looked like my Shift key was stuck, but even after making sure it was before and not later, my Mac was still booting in the safe mode. I tried used the resetting the PRAM method and succeeded in getting off the safe mode. Thank you again for showing me the way.

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