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  1. In the hope that this might help someone else as I have no idea where I originally saw the info a year or two ago! My MacBook Pro has had this problem twice now, it goes between just the keys lighting up, or just a blue/grey screen, even a striped screen!!! No fix would work till I remembered I thought I’d had a similar problem before. I live in a house with pets and I think maybe that means there is more dust/hair sucked in than a normal home as I don’t seem to have seen this problem very often. The simple fix is to take the back off and give it a careful clean, I used a new makeup brush and carefully a pair of tweezers. I assume you could use that compressed air, but I didn’t have any. After spending 2 days trying to fix it and searching through many discussion boards, and turning my house upside down looking for the teeny screwdriver kit! It look less than ten mins to fix it and it is now happily working!

  2. Thank you! Had blank screen after High Sierra Update! Waited an hour and nothing happening! I tried YOUR SUGGESTION to enter password on blank screen. That seemed to do it! Next thing I knew I had a message, Whooppee! “Installation continuing, another 16 minutes” (paraphrasing)

  3. Hello there,
    I have the same problem but with a slight difference: the black screen didn’t show up after a restart but after my mac fell from a mere 15 inches (argh). It fell on the thin side, where the computer splits open. Strangely enough, my iTunes was running before it felt, and when I opened my computer after the fall, the music was still playing, but I couldn’t see anything: the screen was black, but changed to in tones when I pushed the luminosity button. Seems like the hardware is ok, but the screen has a problem.
    Is there anything I can do to restore the situation?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  4. Wow! Method #1 worked like a charm. Your description is very helpful. On a macbook pro, it was important to allow the power chime to come on before depressing Command-Option-P-R. It then cycled through 3-4 boots during the 20 seconds. When I let go of the keys, it re-booted as normal. Thanks!

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