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  1. This popup is by design in some cases, and it should only appear once every time there is an update. It keeps the app from being updated w/o some kind of warning or notice.
    If you find it keeps re-appearing over and over, then there is something afoot with the upgrade/update that is going on in the background. I find if you shutdown slack, and start it again, the download of the update will restart and then the dialog box will appear once, and when the administrator/logged in user enters the password, it will finish the install.
    The ownership problem reverting to root is probably going to keep happening for those who have reported that, as the install sets permissions depending on how it is installed (MDM or by just user update)

  2. After: “On the command line, type the following, then hit Return” – I can’t change anything (incl. “replacing stacy”).
    Can someone help?

  3. Stacy, thank you for the complete and accurate post on this. I do not see many posts that really cover the subject and go into enough detail and explanation so readers who do not already know will understand what they are doing.

  4. This is so annoying I agree Dan. I’ve reinstalled slack multiple times and this pop up keeps happening. Ugh. Sad face.

  5. I’m so grateful articles like this exist an can be found from Google, that had been driving me mad! Chown solution worked, my app was indeed owned by root

  6. I have a user that this keeps happening on and this fix only works temporarily. It’s happened 3 times now over a 4-5 month period. They don’t have admin rights so I have to remotely connected each time and run the command.

    The second time I fixed it (in June ’22) I added a chmod 555 to the file to see if that would prevent it being overwritten or changing, but it didn’t help, and the pop-up is back again.

    Any longer term solutions?

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