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  1. applied for the card, was approved 5000$, after 91 days requested cli via chat, in 5 seconds they approved and raised to 8000$.

  2. Just followed the instructions above and within seconds I was connected to Goldman Sachs chat. They texted me a link to enter my annual salary and the second I was done, GS sent an instant CLI approval text with the amount. Went from $6500 to $8000. I’ve had the Apple Card for 1.2yrs and this was my first CLI request. The entire process was under 10 seconds.

    -Pay my balance off each month.
    -No late pmts
    -Soft pull
    -Instant approval

  3. Painless experience. Asked for an increase, got a quick form asking to provide my annual income. Did it and immidiately got increase from 7500 to 11500; shoulda done it earlier.

  4. This definitely works. I tried it right now and got a credit increase by $1000 in less than a minute.

  5. I can also confirm this is false. I just successfully requested a CLI through the chat app. It couldn’t be more simple.

  6. I requested an increase 6 months after getting the card. Credit was above 700. Denied for some vague reasons.

  7. I just did it through the chat. went from $8500 to $11,500 as soon as the chat was closed. They told me anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 days.

  8. I just did this and I was pretty bummed, because it said I had to wait 3 days for an answer and on my other cards that usually meant a denial. A minute later I went back and my limit went from 4,000 to 5,500. Heck yes I’ll take it.

  9. It worked for me. They transferred me to a manager at Goldmansachs and I put my request in with them and they said to wait 3 days for the resolution.

  10. This no longer works – Just contacted them via this method for an increase and they said I had to contact Goldman Sachs and provided the contact info.

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