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  1. I closed my card using instant message and it took about 15 minutes. I agree that this card sucks. There are better cards out there.

  2. It is charging me for some stupid game and I can’t make it stop. I didn’t even realize I pushed the button to charge me. Maybe it is a monthly charge I don’t know. I only know it charge me another 5.99. I hate it and they say it will hurt my credit if I close it!

  3. 50 minutes to talk to an advisor. This card is not on Quicken – it is a PITA to manage. No bills – no way to use an account aggregator. It FORCED me to have 2FA on ALL my devices (even those that never leave home) – I HATE, HATE, HATE this card. I cannot believe they want me to wait for another 50 minutes – for an advisor – sit twiddling my thumbs – just to close an account. LUDICROUS. I hope I can warn as many people as POSSIBLE away from this card!

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