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  1. On my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) I had to reinstall Catalina 10.15.7 , still no bluetooth, but after installing the update it proposed me later bluetooth is working… happy !
    So restart your MAC in recovery mode, cmd+R in reboot
    Chose reinstall Osx in my case Catalina
    Once installed go to software update in about this mac, it will propose a security update
    that fixed my bluetooth problem…

  2. This solved my problem… Remove current Bluetooth preferences then reboot your Mac. Here is how:
    Close any app that is trying to use Bluetooth device with your Mac
    In Finder, press the Command+Shift+G keys together. This will reveal the “Go to the folder:” window, then enter the following and hit go.
    /Library/Preferences/ (not ~/Library/Preferences/)library preferences bluetooth preferences
    Try the find the “” and “” files. And delete these files. These files could be corrupted and cause problems. You may be asked for an admin password. (if you want, copy these files to somewhere else as a backup before removing).
    Restart your Mac.

  3. I had bluetooth set up between old & new iMacs. I was able to transfer files for several days. Then it started failing. I tried everything I could think of (I’m not tech savvy). Nothing worked. I’ve Googled but can’t find help. I am really frustrated!!!!

  4. Number 2 solved my problem. Just check instruction of device to see turn on discovered first instead of worry problem from MAC. Thanks

  5. My Macbook late 2012 with MacOS 10.15.6 update recently. The bluetooth is not sync with BT5 and seldom drop off and resync itself again.
    Later, it start lag again.
    The worst is the left and right speaker are not in-sync.

    With the previous version MacOS, I don’t see this impact. I have to connect with physical wire when I need to use speaker or conference call.

    Sad, I cannot use any of the bluetooth headset /speaker for conference.

  6. The following sequence worked for me:
    sudo launchctl stop
    sudo launchctl start

  7. Each step only worked once. Everytime I turn my headphones off – on again or reset my mac they stop working again. I`m using wh-ch400 Sony bluetooth headphones

    1. disable HFP for your sonic headseats to work, this way:

      sudo defaults write bluetoothaudiod “Disable HFP” -bool true

  8. Somewhat annoyed to have this problem on an OS update, but your number 8 fixed it perfectly.

    Thank you!

  9. Did all the steps but mine is still not working. If I do the step, the only menu that comes out is “open packetlogger” not “debug” or if I go to system preferences and bluetooth pan and says “no pan device pan” 🙁

    Would really appreciate if someone could help me.

    Big thanks


  10. This is a great resource! Switching from Mohave to Catalina, I was having intermittent bluetooth mouse and keyboard issues (not trackpad, strangely enough).
    Last option in step 8 (Bluetooth, Debug, Reset to Factory Options) worked for me

  11. I have used all the steps I think but my headphones and speaker still randomly disconnects, I don’t know what else to do.

  12. I love that this, along with all the other worthy reponses assume one thing too many; namely that having lost bluetooth connectivity to one’s mouse and keyboard, we have some other way of interacting with our Macs. Has anybody got an answer for desktop users?

    1. The only way I’ve been able to work around is having a usb keyboard/mouse on hand.

      Thanks for the article. I have had to use this more than once after updating to Catalina. Each time had a different solution…

  13. Step 8 so far has worked for me. Finally! I hope, I have two pairs of 30hr Battery life Sony bluetooth headphone both would stutter and interfere with wifi signal since Catalina update. I have a pair of tronsmart bluetooth head phones that caused no problems whatsoever, no stutter, no interference. I love the Sonys because I can spend hours listening thru these and not listen to my neighbours and not have to recharge too often. Having debugged things seem back to normal. I also cleared any possible corrupted files too.

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