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  1. I tried the wrong password enough times and my Mac (running 10.13.6) asked me if I wanted to update all notes with my new password. After that and putting in the new password, it opened and Face ID worked on my phone after too!

  2. If the locked note was stored on your phone and not the iCloud and the old phone has been erased, once one tries to restore from the backup hoping to be able to use Touch ID, there is no way to use it because when the note was backed up it was backed up with the original password and the Touch ID does not work.
    Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks

  3. I too, have forgotten password for locked notes. The one I used that I noted was correct didn’t work.

  4. This is so frustrating – I have many locked notes that I cannot gain access to. I have changed/reset the password but that only works for NEW notes – not the old notes. My old phone had the thumb print but this is the iphone 11 and does not have that option. There should be a way to retrieve and reset! I wish I had known this before I traded in the old phone.

    1. Im having the exact same issue. I have important notes that are locked and no way of retreiving them

    2. Perhaps you could try and enable the Face ID feature in settings and then access your notes that way in lieu of typing in a password.

  5. Followed the steps, made a new password and doesn’t unlock my note, but I only have one note that has been locked, all the others are not locked, how do i get into the one note that is locked

  6. I have an iPad Air and when I follow these instructions, I am prompted to change my ICloud password instead. I don’t know my current iCloud password. Pls. Respond

  7. How do I get into my Notes that I can’t remember the password to.

    This helps resetting the password for Notes. for NEW notes, but I can’t get into my previous notes.


    1. I just upgraded to the iPhone 11 and I forgot my password to my notes. I was able to use my finger/thumb print to unlock the notes before, but I think I need to manually enter the password on the new phone before face id is activated. I don’t know if this will help you, but luckily I have an iPad with access to the locked notes and with the finger/thumb print recognition still active. So, I unlocked all my locked notes on my iPad with my finger/thumb print. Then, I removed the lock by tapping the rectangle with the arrow up icon at the top right of my iPad, and I tapped remove lock. Then, I was able to reset my password and re lock my notes with my new password that you better believe I will be sure to remember this time. Hopefully you still have an iPad or old iPhone that still has your stuff on it where the notes can be unlocked with your finger print or face id. Otherwise, apple really needs to make a password recovery option for notes.

      1. Thank you very much. I was able to access my notes through my ipad and hence was able to replicate those notes with a new password

    2. All you have to do is turn on Use Touch ID and click on your locked note it’ll say use fingerprint or password then you use your finger it’ll open your old locked notes

      1. No that’s not true I changed my phone as well and I’m automatically prompted to enter the password

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