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  1. I have an Ipad 2, and i updated to IOS 9.3, when i tried to setup my ipad, was with activation lock and when i put my ID, its says that i cant use this apple ID to unlock this ipad! I search in the icloud website, to Find my iphone, my ipad wasnt there! this happened almost 3 or 4 years ago, i hope to solve this problem…

  2. My problem is different; but it’s a problem anyway!!
    Yesterday, I acivated the latest update on my iPhone 5s, as invited by the message on my phone. It was slower than usually but made it through. But my problem is that iMessage seems to have been gone back to an earlier version ! No more mic icon for oral message! And no more words band to choose from!!! I want those back!! Please!! What should I do to have those 2 features back in my iMessage app??

  3. Tried all of the above, still not working. Lots of people with the same isssue on twitter and apple support forums. Like me, mostly iPad2. Apple needs to fix this.

    The only way seems to be to do a restore in dfu mode

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