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  1. point 3 fixed it for me, somehow just one group had become selected so it was only searching in that group.

  2. Sadly none of these suggestions worked for me. I am an SE owner. Upwards swipe of Contacts app does not work at all. Previous potential fixes were unsuccessful. Any other suggestions.

  3. I am facing same problem by using iPhone 6pluse iOS 10.1.1. 128GB. Can’t search contacts from my contact list. But from other apps like whatsapp, viber, imo. I can search contact.

    Please give me the solution

  4. I tired all and it did not work except following

    Disable Contacts syncing with icloud and remove all the contacts in your mobile
    Reboot iphone
    Sync contact back to iphone from icloud

  5. I am facing the same problem. Using Iphone 6 with ios 10.1.1
    None of the solutions mentioned above seem to work for me. Really disappointing.

  6. I tried all these but not working. It works once I switch off and on the phone, that too for a short time later it goes back to the same old condition . I emergency situation difficult when the search in contact is not functional.

  7. My solution in brief …

    iPhone 6 128GB persistently freezing when attempting to search 1852 contact cards.

    This issue appeared to be related to an update from iOS 8 and was not remedied with successive iOS updates or clean installs and rebuilds.

    I remedied and experimentally replicated issue of app freezing being associated with one contact containing a very large note (173,274 characters – 31,928 words)

    This huge ‘note’ had evolved with successive duplicates of this card being cloned … and subsequently merged.

    The offending note was relatively easy and quick to find.

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