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  1. having the high sierra macbook pro 2017.. my battery suddenly shuts off and drains fast today. says 57 percent capacity. never had this quick for year since yesterday. i reckon apple has did something with the OS again grrr

  2. WLAN is the culprit. Seems Catalina does not support to switch off WLAN for older MacBooks in Catalina.

    Make the test: WLAN off > you lose 2% per night, turn it on > you lose 20%

  3. I did everything. I switched off bluetooth, I switched off all the windows, I even stopped using Chrome and started using Safari. When I looked at the battery, it said Safari is consuming a lot of energy. Before Catalina, I used High Sierra and my battery was fine. Now in less than a minute after charging my laptop I see the battery life go down minus 3% – LESS THAN A MINUTE!!! I am seriously considering changing to Windows as I really liked MacBooks for their battery life. Now I have to switch off almost everything including wifi and brightness of the screen – how about just stop using MacBooks at all?

  4. I’m still running Mavericks on my MBP 2013. 🙂 Battery life is great . Perhaps you can consider downgrading.

  5. Checked and tested all of the above. Still the battery of my Macbook pro (late 2013) with built in Retina display drains the battery right after installing Catalina IOS. Sometimes my screen just changes into stripes ?!?!
    I am really very unhappy with this. Als the machine warms up when in use.
    Anyone any suggestions?

  6. Here is a better idea. Apple no longer supports the MAC. Apple is too busy being a bank and production studio. Forget Apple. Run OpenBSD

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