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  1. I have try everything that it told me to do,but not done a whole restore on my Ipad 4 generation.It was working when I had charter now I have att.I have rebooted the modem.I have no clue what is wrong.Can any one please help me?

  2. updated to faster speed internet per tech, and he said all ready to go, when later tried ipad and laptop they will not connect to wifi. Main desktop works fine where modem/router are with. Tried resetting all and nothing changes. Any simple easy steps please, to get them connected. Says my (name) for connecting to is not connected? Help! Thanks!

  3. Ipad mini 2 will not list certain public wifi locations. (not even see the wifi access point. I pull out my android phone, identify the site in a long list of surrounding sites and watch youtube videos so the signal is there but can not be identified? I notice the list of wifi networks is much shorter with the Ipad. (compare to the Android phone) Tried Resetting Network and power down with no success. This particular restaurant site has no password.

  4. My old iPad does not recognise WiFi networks while my new iPad does recognise the available WiFi networks (they are both in the same location). What could be wrong

  5. I have not been able to connect my iPad to my office wifi since the iOS 9 update in Sept 2015 . I kept getting an “incorrect password” error.
    I have tried changing numerous settings on iPad and the Belkin Modem/Router and done numerous restarts but no success.
    Today I logged into the modem/router setup (Belkin N series) and under mac addresses there was an option to clone the PCs mac address to the router. Once I did this my ipad was able to connect without the “incorrect password” error.

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