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  1. Me again, I can actually still send emails from my IPhone (and they arrive, I can find them on my computer) but I cannot access the inbox and the outbox – it is all just a white screen except for the little square with a pen at the bottom left corner, which I can use to write a new email. Thus it seems that the email itself works – but for some silly reason, there is an unwanted option which makes the IPhone hide everything behind a white screen! How can this be removed?

    1. Mine doesn’t even have the little “compose” box. I just shut off my phone and am powering it back up. we’ll see……AHA! It worked!

  2. My mail app on the IPhone just went blank, all by itself. Everything else is working (incl Safari) so I will not shut down anything and possibly kill more apps. I just want to get rid of the blank screen and to have my email restored (all the emails are there whenI instead check them on my computer). Since the email (Outlook) is part of a very large Exchange mail server at work, I cannot remove the settings because I will never be able to get them all back on again. I just want to get back to the screen where I can see my incoming and outgoing emails. How do I get the IPhone to show the proper mail screen instead of this white useless one?

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