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  1. I have to bring my iPad to school tomorrow because I do my art work on there. Its my own iPad and if it doesn’t charge then my project may get a bad grade. I need to reset it, try to ask the technologist at your school if you can have another charger, if not then try to buy one for it that way they won’t know whether you lost it or not.

  2. My iPad has the not charging message. I found that simply flipping around the plug that goes into the iPad causes the message to go away. It does not matter which cord that I use, same thing happens. I think that the contacts on cord to iPad do not align properly.

  3. My iPhone 6s and iPad mini 2 have the same problem. Changed more then 10 cables in a few months, all just work a short time, then problem comes again. All IOS are updated. My Samsung products (tablets and smart phones) do not have this kind of problem for whole product life.

  4. just think about it.if its about the charger or cable meaning the ios is very restrict about the voltage and the amperage of the charging process.ok let me buy that!so what willl happen if the grid power is different than what ios put it as a standard and also those who use different type of inverters or even gensets..guys the solition is with apple people,its just a little bug or maybe fault and it will be fixed only by them.and buy the way it still keep charging even with that screen lock alarm hin it just drains power since the acreen is o the whole time.

  5. mine has continued no matter charger or cable i use..had to hard restart my ipad to fix it (just or a short while)..only disappeared when apple decides to upatre my ios to 13.5.1. and hopefully its sorted for good!

  6. It just started having this problem, now I have to sit here and forcefully hold the plug inside, but now it’s 13% and going down rapidly! How do I clean the charger?

  7. I have the iPad that came out last year, and recently I’ve had this reoccurring problem. Even trying all these solutions did nothing. I’m sure it’s something to do with the charging port itself but going to Apple store is work. Tbh they gonna be charging you like $60 or so for something small like that.

    1. They don’t even help you there like we need to replace it and then you lose all you storage and everything, I went to a store where I live that is meant for fixing iPads but they replace your parts with non certified apple products so you will lose your Apple warranty. But even after I did all that 3 month later I have the same problem

  8. I recently bought a USB charging tester which goes between a wall charger and the iPad cable and was able to prove that my iPad was actually charging when plugged into a non-OEM charger even though the iPad said ‘Not Charging’.
    The OEM charger showed .8A but the non-OEM read .5A. The same thing happens when I plug into my computer. The iPad charges but takes twice as long.
    I believe the ‘Not Charging’ warning is just another trick by Apple to discourage users from using aftermarket cables and chargers. If they were honest it would say ‘Slow Charging’ under these conditions.

  9. Force restar fixed this same problem on my iPad. It is charging and draining at the same time. I have a feeling the battery is no good.

  10. My iPad is saying dead too but not receiving any charge as still dead after six hours , changed socket, cable and charger .. nope still shows red battery logo , any other ideas ?

    1. Try using a green scourer ( the kind you use to wash your dishes ) to GENTLY wipe the SIDES and front/back of the charger contacts ( the one that PLUGS into the device. Usually works a TREAT.

  11. My iPad says it’s charging but it isn’t. I have tried different chargers and still the same thing. I literally have tried all the options but it still doesn’t work ;-; plz I need help

    1. I changed the cable the charger it’s working on my phone and AirPods but not my iPad Idk what’s going on I am freaking out helpp sameee

  12. Lol, had this problem with my school iPad, turns out the USB extender cable I had the Lightning cable plugged into was limiting thr current too much and it triggered the not charging thingy.

  13. iPad, 12.1.1, plugged in: It says ‘not charging’ when I’m working with it, but when I put it down idle, it charges right back up. Not really a problem, but strange.

  14. My Ipad suddenly started having a charging problem with a apple charger and generic cord used for the last two years.By using another apple wall charger and the cord has taken care of the issue the Ipad was having charging.

    1. My iPad 9 gen charges fine w the OEM 20W charger but shows not charging w 10 W charger I used on my old Gen 5 iPad, BUT the 10 W charger is actually charging because it will charge to 100% if I leave it on overnight, even w the not charging message.

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