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  1. Thank You so much! I had to turn off the fetch new data thing and now it working perfectly again!! I’m moving tomorrow, so this definitely was a scare. Again, thank you so much!!

  2. I found it was an issue with a google mail account. Removed the account, restarted the iPad, re added the device. Worked a treat.

  3. Have the same issue, finally gave up and using third-party mail app 🙁 Did everything possible including factory resetting and restoring from backup. No go. Apple probably wants me to get a new phone. Not happening!

  4. I have tried to offload and load when the app kept crashing, then deleted the entire app, it is still crashing now I do not know what to do, this is a problem. Then the I cloud is playing up.

  5. I think my iPad may be older than the one you describe because after tapping Settings > General, I don’t see anything about Storage.

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