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  1. I have a new iphone SE and when a call comes in when connected to car stereo the sound is low volume and left side only. Car is 2017 Mitsubishi Pajero. Previous iphone 5 & 6 worked fine. The Mitsubishi Dealer tried with a Samsung and worked fine. Was there a change in the Iphone bluetooth system as later model Iphone do the same thing.

  2. I also faced this problem that the calls are connecting via Bluetooth in my car with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max but music was not playing. I was able to play music with my old iPhone 6. The difference I noticed that my old iphone had some audio files in it so I added few audio files to my new phone and now I am able to play music via Bluetooth with my new iPhone as well. I hope this helps others too…

    1. I have exactly the same issue , my previous phone played via apple music on my car stereo however if I connect a friends Iphone it also plays but not my phone. it just say’s can’t connect although I can make phone calls via bluetooth through the stereo.

      1. My phone connects to car stereo head unit.
        The phone works ok.podcast works fine.
        I can play music from music app with songs I downloaded on another iPhone then transferred to new iPhone 14 pro.I cannot play newly downloaded music on new phone.

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