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  1. I have same problem after upgraded to iTunes 12.7 and there is no useful solution. If you disconnect from network itunes works fine.

    hold SHIFT+CTRL and double click iTunes. You will be asked for admin credential but iTunes works then.

  2. I’d done so but it didn’t work.
    I asked my uncle then he suggested me download ‘DirectX 9 or beyond’ .
    I did so and expected for nothing but it did WORK!

  3. The absolute last thing I’d do is make sure I had the latest version of iTunes. Any version beyond iTunes 10 is horrible and it will be a sad day in this house when I have any hardware that requires a newer version.

  4. I have the same issue. iTunes is now useless on my Win 10 machine. Has Apple acknowledged the seriousness and persistence of this bug? Is there a fix coming? I’m stunned that I have had an unusable version of iTunes for weeks now. Uninstalling and resinstalling doesn’t work.

    I am so very frustrated here.

    1. Try disconnecting your computer from the Internet. I tried it and iTunes worked perfectly.

      1. Disconnect your computer from the Internet. For example, turn-off WiFi or unplug your ethernet cord.

      2. Open iTunes.

      1. Whoa Jen FTW!

        I read all these complicated fixes and saw Jen’s and thought, Yeah whatever, okay.

        Tried it anyway as I have nothing to lose and BAM! Itunes just came back on. I wasted a WHOLE DAY trying to fix this.

        Thanks Jen you rock!

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