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  1. If you are on the white screen DialPad and want to get back to the Active call DialPad so you can enter number keys that the other phone will understand, simply press the green time icon at the top of white DialPad to return to the Black Ground Screen and if need be pick the keypad on that screen.

  2. I have an iPhone 11 and was not able to use my keypad during calls. Tip! Turn of haptics in general settings, worked for me!

  3. I had this problem intermittently since I got my iPhone7. The updates and full restarts have never cleared it up.
    Sometimes I may have access to the number screen to chose an extension IF I press the number pad immediately when the number starts ringing.
    Other times when I select the icon option for the numbers pad (even doing it when the phone rings) I get a black screen and it freezes for five seconds. And I have no idea what’s happening in the background
    Frustrating and I’ve tried pretty much all recommendations

  4. I found a workaround. I could not enter only ‘1’ on the keypad. For an extension, once I called. On a hunch, I delayed switching to the number pad option until after the extension message began. That solved the problem. Yes, that easy.

    1. ” I delayed switching to the number pad option until after the extension message began.” what are you saying here? I never switch anything. The iPhone auto changes.

  5. Ironically, anytime you contact Apple Store/Customer Service/Support by phone, you encounter an intricate menu system that requires either specific phrases and/or DTMF responses, making the request for assistance extraordinarily complex (by design?) The DTMF problems which have plagued iPhones for years obviously have not managed to rise to any appreciable priority. Whenever I need to contact a number which I know uses these prompts, I can use an old battery-operated DTMF acoustic device from the 1960’s, and avoid my “iPhone 11 – IOS 14.2” deficiency.

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